We select amazing bottles of red, white and premium wines from all over the world.
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At Rewinery, we love drinking wine, but we aren’t all that crazy about the lingo that goes along with it. If you’ve ever read a wine description, you know it’s usually full of words like “oak,” “nose,” and “finish.” In our world, oak is a tree, a nose belongs on a face, and finish is exactly what we do with a good bottle of wine.

We think that finding a good wine should not require reaching for your thesaurus, searching through baffling descriptions at stores, or waiting days and paying expensive fees for an online shipment.

We want to change the way people buy wine, making wine discovery fun, easy, and instantaneous.


We source amazing wines from all over the world—wines that we believe are easy to drink, enjoyable, and that provide a tremendous value. The wine brands we feature enjoy the addition of a new distribution channel.

At Rewinery, you can buy wine whenever you feel like it, and choose between our daily selection of red, white or premium bottles. We deliver to your home or office or wherever you may be, and quickly—as quickly as within the hour.

If you love a wine you received and want to of it, no problem! We’ll connect you with the winery so that you can get as much of that wine as you’d like.

If you don’t love a wine, . We understand that taste in wine is subjective, and that sometimes wine can go corked.


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